CADNET Participating Members

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(as of  JANUARY 2015) * CADNET makes every effort to keep the list of participants as current as possible, however this is not a guarantee that advertising ordered through CADNET will be published in all participating publications. The ultimate decision to publish or not publish a particular ad is left to each participating publication.

CA San Diego Comm News 119,500
OH Messenger Newspapers 95,754
TX I Messenger Enterprises 40,000
IL Inside Publications 33,660
LA Bargains Plus 17,300
MO The Independent News 27,000
AZ Arcadia News 20,000
CA San Diego Family Mag 100,000
CA Kern County Family Magazine 27,262
FL The CreekLine/RT Publishing 378,229
IN Family Flyer, Inc. 97,000
NJ Community News Service LLC 122,000
NM New Mexico MarketPlace 175,461
OK Greater Tulsa Reporter Newspapers 37,500
PA Delaware Co. Magazine 136,089
PA Journal of the Pocono Plateau 15,950
VA Washington Family Magazine 70,000
CA Coastal View News 6,500
FL The 2,253,000
FL The Advertiser of Polk County 33,497
MA Smart Shopper 33,982
MN ECM-Sun Publishers 135,139
MN Fairmont Photo Press 11,950
MO Webster-Kirkwood Times, Inc. 97,350
MO The Northeast News 12,545
NH The Pennysaver 16,582
NY The Brooklyn Paper 25,600
OH The Bargain Hunter/Graphic Publications 38,133
OH The Press/Suburban Press 34,308
OH Arens Publishing & Printing 22,000
TX The New Millennium Shopper 20,000
TX San Antonio Observer 10,787
WI Ad-Delite 15,725
AB Vegreville News Adv. 11,876
AL American Classifieds Dothan 30,000
AL The Southeast Sun 21,000
CA El Clasificado 1,686,700
CA Valley Publications 8,000
CT Yankee Pennysaver 40,000
DC The Washington Informer 17,000
FL Hometown News 198,125
FL Boca Raton Tribune 20,000
GA Appen Newspapers 75,000
IA The Dubuque Advertiser 35,532
IL Today's AdVantage 37,000
IL The Shopper 36,793
IL Shoppers Weekly 25,500
IL Shopper's Review 18,800
IN Green Banner Pub 63,682
IN Huntington County Tab 15,400
KS Good News 38,000
LA The Weekly 25,609
MA Action Unlimited 112,197
MA Reminder Publications 45,300
MI Salesman Publications 51,426
MI Battle Creek Shopper 48,847
MI Gatehouse Media 34,575
MI The County Journal 20,454
MI J-Ad Graphics 20,000
MI Community Shoppers Guide 13,825
MN Winona Post  24,036
MN Tollefson Publishing 9,300
MO Thrifty Nickle Want Ads 45,000
MS Impact of Hattiesburg 64,158
NC Community First Media, Inc. 41,402
NC Up & Coming Weekly 11,000
NH Monadnock Shopper News 42,750
NJ Herald Newspapers 31,800
NJ Cumberland Co Reminder 14,466
NY Denton Publications 64,323
NY Westside News Inc. 33,863
NY Decker Advertiser 20,475
NY Lake Country Pennysaver 20,200
OH Rural Urban Record 21,318
OH The Beacon 12,000
PA Pennysaver/Trib Total Media 588,842
PA Engle Printing & Pub Co. 405,735
PA Kapp Advertising Serv. 283,730
PA Horsetrader Printing & Publishing 60,000
PA Webb Weekly 58,000
PA The Franklin Shopper 55,564
PA Courier News Weekly/Buxmont Media 50,940
PA Mulligan Printing 46,946
PA The Shopping News/Hocking Printing 38,000
PA University City Review 30,000
PA Weekly Bargain Bulletin 21,000
RI Breeze Publications 62,500
TN Exchange, Inc. 83,238
TN Peddler Advantage 15,600
TN Smoky Mountain Trader 9,437
TX Ad Sack 45,000
TX Beaumont Publishing AM CL 35,000
TX The Hunt County Shopper 31,100
TX American Classifieds Bryan 30,000
TX Want Ads of San Angelo 22,000
TX Want Ads of Wichita Falls 16,000
TX Tha Tymes 10,000
TX San Antonio Register 9,762
VT World Publications, Inc. 18,500
WA Giant Nickel 33,000
WA The Nickel 20,500
WI Inter-County Coop 96,500
WI Helmer Printing, Inc. 50,737
WI Tempo 20,750
WI Hometown Publications 68,984
WV Buyers Guide 38,017
WY Traders Shoppers Guide 20,500
WY Country Bounty 18,000
GA Coastal Shopper and News 25,000
IN The Paper of Wabash County 16,225
TX The Suburban Newspaper 10,000