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IMPORTANT REBATE AUDIT INFO - Deadline February 8th, 2019
The DEADLINE to RETURN the audit forms & tearsheets is February 8,2019

CADNET audit rebate information was sent to your designated IFPA mailing address and addressed to your publisher or your official IFPA representative. Please see that this white 9X12 envelope stamped CADNET REBATE INFORMATION gets to the right person so that you will receive your rebate check in a timely fashion. You must mail back the AUDIT FORM and tearsheets for each of the following randomly selected weeks for both the classified AND display ads from:

  • August 13
  • September 24
  • October 29
  • December 17

A PDF copy of the CADNET ads that were also mailed to you is below for your reference. Please complete the following steps to assure that you will be included in this audit -- and your company receives the rebate check that it deserves for running the CADNET ads.

  1. Mark all ads by HIGHLIGHTING them on your tearsheets. (We receive so many responses, that it will be impossible to read all tearsheets to find the ads ourselves.)
  2. Check the ads on the weekly list (attached) to make sure that you have found all of the ads. (DO NOT SEND COMPLETE PAPER, ONLY THE TEARSHEETS ON WHICH THE CADNET ADS APPEAR)
  3. Complete the audit form (below) indicating and totaling the circulation of all publications in which you place the CADNET ads. (We want you to get credit for all circulation that the ads are running in.)
  4. RETURN FORM BELOW TO US BY February 8, 2019. No rebates will be paid for late audits.
  5. Send to: IFPA c/o: Danielle Burnett 13157 Avocet St. NW Coon Rapids, MN 55448

If you have any questions please call Danielle Burnett at 866-224-8151 or email at

P.S. THANKS to the support of members like you all CADNET Partners receive a FREE CVC Circulation Audit!

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